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Key Signing Party

We are planning an informal key signing party at the end of the SFD 2015 Event

Who is running with it?

Charl le Roux


Software Freedom Day 2015: South Africa

19 September 2015

At conclusion of formal agenda.


Pretoria Gautrain Station: Conference Venue

What to prepare beforehand:

  • Generate a PGP Key if you don’t have one already.
  • Publish the key to a key server.
  • Print paper copies (+-30) for handout (business card size or larger) containing:
    • Key ID
    • The fingerprint of your key.
    • The keyserver where the key can be found.
    • Your Name and ID.
  • Example of paper handout
    • Name: John Doe
    • ID: 7303235122080
    • Key-ID: 460DD22A
    • Keyserver: hkp://
    • Key fingerprint:  759F D7C7 595C 2948 D9EB  D99B ABF3 3D95 460D D22A
    • Email:

What to Bring:

  • Official Identification Document matching the name on your paper handout and your key.
  • Any other documentation you need to prove your identity.
  • Paper copies for handout containing key information.
  • Pen for recording info about the key you are evaluating (e.g. verified or not)
  • Do not bring your computer

Procedure during key-signing:

  • Two lines will be formed with participants opposing each other.
  • Participants will exchange fingerprint and ID verification, and verify each other’s identity.
  • The line will then move one position to the left and repeat the key exchange.
  • This will continue until every participant exchanged keys with every other participant.

What to do after the party:

  • Sign keys only for participants that you trust the identity of.

More about web of Trust:

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