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In the 80’s we had the hair – and the hairbands that kept those wild locks from our sweaty brows. There was the WWF and a love for the melodramatic Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior; the All American wholesome family sitcom, Madonna, the Brat Pack of pretty boys – and there was music. In South Africa it was quite a different world – we were sanctioned, and still we had Riaan Cruywagen, Huisgenoot and the SAUK. We were isolated in the world of sport, arts and the many other things. It was in 1995 that a band of university students, that stood out from the norm, discovered the freedom of Linux and the principles of Open Source Software.
Since then, Obsidian Systems is proud of our heritage but equate our longevity and success to looking forward. We understand the importance of Linux as a foundation for great architecture and also embrace the future of how technology is changing the way people access, use, collaborate and manage their data and information.
Together with our partners, vendors and employees we strive to build mutually beneficial relationships in our every endeavour. When we look back to 2015 in 20 years, we will remember in fondness the journey, and be in awe of how far we have come together as an Open Source community.

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