Jaco Stroebel

814419417_23734_13968271929220435945Studies applied mathematics at the University of Pretoria. Jaco enjoys the freedom and privacy afforded by open source software. Slowly learning to program in order to promote open source and accessible solutions to computational sciences.

Bradley Cloete

BKEmployed by Obsidian Systems, Bradley loves opensource stuff. Ubuntu user, wannabe server herder. Likes to figure out open source solutions to problems. Half good bash scripter and recovering screen user. yay byobu!


Karl Fischer

Karl-FischerI’m Karl, I organise Software Freedom Day, my passion is Free and Open Source Software.  I love people and love all things Bells and Whistles.

I work for Obsidian Systems where I do cool stuff.

You can follow me here

JP Pitout

Redhat certified architect and trainer working at MTN. Been working on and playing with Linux and open source for around 10 years. Passionate about finding the middle ground between corporate thinking and open source methodologies.JP

JP is our Raspberry Jam Coordinator.


Louél Staude

Louél Staude has been described in different settings as either a documentarian or a “story-teller’’, this stems from the fact that she is a form and space major turned

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

photographer. Her work focuses on both the narrative powers of the photographic image. She is an avid stylist and as such sources and styles all her own work. As the co-founder of johannesburgCity blog she is constantly on the search for new undiscovered gems within the city, to capture and reveal the wonders to those who are willing to look. She wishes to explore the ‘sub-culture’ of South Africa as a ongoing project.