Nevar Fourie

Nevar Fourie is a software developer working at LSD Information Technology. He installed his first Linux box before he was born and tried every flavour of Linux since then until he finally settled on Arch Linux. Being an-Archist suited his view of a free andNevar Fourie open world. He enjoys many things (like, who doesn’t); from tinkering with Arduinos to extracting the perfect cup of coffee, to talking about bunnies. He firmly believes that you should have fun whenever possible because the universe can undergo a phase transition at any moment and then we’re all …

Shahn van Zyl

Shahn van Zyl is an open source dealer working with LSD Information Technology. He’s been an open source evangelist in the SME sector for the past 7 years and has over 20 years experience in ICT sales. Currently Shahn’s focus is on re-igniting the movement towards OSS in the public sector where the need to realise benefits such cost savings, Shahn2innovation, efficiency and skills development are most desperately required. His most recent projects include a highly successful ICT assessment and OSS adoption roadmap for the Gauteng Provincial Government. 

Mark Clarke

Mark Clarke is a open source solutions engineer working at Jumping Bean. He is an avid Java developer and Linux system engineer with over 15 years experience integrating open source systems. Currently Mark’s attention is  focused on cyber and mark-clarke-avatar-1Information security. He is passionate about creating a vibrant and innovative start-up industry and culture in Africa, using open source and free software, and is an active community organiser being a founding member of the Jozi (Johannesburg) Java User Group and Jozi Linux User Group.

Aslam Raffee

Aslam Raffee is a Masters Candidate at the University of Johannesburg , Department of Religion Studies. He was formerly the Open Technologies lead for Africa for SUN AslamMicrosystems, and the former  Chief Information Officer of the Department of Science and Technology, an executive member of  the Government Information Technology Officers Council and chairperson of the open source and open standards committee. Aslam has been an advisor to the South African National Council for the Blind on Copyright  and a member of Freedom to Innovate South Africa. He is interested in all things open.

Henti Smith

Henti Smith is a self confessed technophile, photographer, open source specialist, ex-IRC god and retired skateboarder/motorcyclist. Henti has 20 years experience bending Linux systems to his will for banks, InternetHenti
service providers and anybody else willing to offer him challenging problems to solve. He also once willingly ran production systems using Gentoo Linux. Nobody is sure why.

Ross Addis

Ross Addis is a Senior Solution Architect at Red Hat.
He has been involved with Open Source software and communities since 1998.Ross Addis
Ross was one of the founders of Impi Linux, the first South African Linux distribution with commercial aspirations.
He served as the chairman of the Gauteng Linux User Group twice.

Seaparo Phala

Seaparo Phala is currently the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) in South Africa. He has served in the South African government in different capacities including as an Assistant Director: Strategic Analysis, Deputy Director: Knowledge Management as well as Manager Information Systems SPDevelopment. Seaparo is an unapologetic Open Source Software (OSS) advocate having led ground-breaking OSS implementations at the DAC. He has served in the Executive Management Committee of the Government Information Technology Officers Council (GITOC) and served as the Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Information and Knowledge Management at GITOC.

Leti Kleyn

Dr Leti Kleyn works as Manager: Open Scholarship Programme at the University of LetiKleynPretoria. She is an Open Access supporter and a published researcher.

Tim Haak

Tim Haak is a full stack developer getting all the pieces to play nicely together, to TimHaak
improve fault tolerance and page speed, perceived and real. He is a huge fan of docker as a packaging and deployment mechanism. With focus on using it to improve deployment speed, repeatability and consistency between development and production. He is also one of the organizers of the JoburgPHP meetup group.


Dave Russell

Dave Russell is a Principal Technical Evangelist based in South Africa. He has been DaveRusselllworking for Microsoft for the past 5 years working with various technologies from Windows Phone and Azure, to Internet of Things and Xbox One.

He started out worked in various sectors from the process control industry where he built models to improve automated plants., Logistics building systems to track large volume geo-spatial data and enterprise when he worked for a large global consulting firm.

His passion for technology led him to start presenting at large events such as Teched Africa and eventually joined Microsoft doing what he loves most. Working with technology, helping others to understand it and generally geeking out.