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Time Speaker – Topic
9:15 Opening
9:25 Seapharo Phala
Open Source in Government
9:45 Dave Russell
Open Source and the Machine, Microsofts movement to more Open Software.
10:05 Leti Kleyn
Who is screwing with access to research you paid for?
10:25 Break
10:40 Aslam Raffee
Open Internet. The Copyright Amendment bill and Intellectual Property.
11:00 Shahn Van Zyl
OpenSource Assessments
11:20 Tim Haak
Bringing docker into your life
11:40 Henti Smith
Introduction to Bacula
12:00 Break
12:30 Nevar Fourie
12:50 Mark Clarke
Introduction to React a JavaScript Framework for Web Front-Ends
13:10 Ross Addis
Software defined Data Center
13:30 Closing

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